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A tribute to the knees of 5 Seconds Of Summer…LOL

They just can’t resist getting their gashes out. Not like that.

There are many things we like about 5 Seconds of Summer. The way they are always getting their instruments out in public, the fact they are all around hilarious humans and the fact they wrote an entire song about pizza are all up there. But there’s one thing that they do that is guaranteed to have us lying on the cold hard ground and it just so happens to be the way they keep exposing their knees for all to see.

Forget strong arm game and hair so pert and erect it could support a choir of cherubs, because we’re all about a bit of kneecap peeking out of a slashed skinny jean these days, and if you’re with us, this one’s for you.

So behold, a tribute to 5SOS’s knees featuring Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and more gash than any sane person can handle. Errr, that came out wrong, but still.

5 Seconds Of Summer’s Calum Hood poses naked AGAIN despite first nude video scandal as Ashton Irwin teases with crude drawing

Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer recently landed themselves into some hot water after a graphic Snapchat video of guitarist Calum Hood exposing himself went viral.

But it seems the 18-year-old rocker and his bandmates may not have quite learnt their lesson, with Calum taking to social media earlier this week with another naked image.

On Wednesday the band uploaded a saucy snap to Instagram, the post showing Calum completely naked and baring his bottom for the camera.

Holding a guitar and with his back to the lens, the dark-haired singer was joined by the band’s drummer Ashton Irwin, 20.

Ashton toned down his racy look in comparison, going shirtless and rocking just a pair of black shorts.

With his arms stretched out, the curly haired heartthrob also slung a guitar over his shoulder, looking quite the rock star , and certain to get female fans swooning.

But Ashton’s own cheeky side certainly came out to play later in the week, as he took to the band’s Instagram account on Saturday with a post that got fans talking,

'My new drum skin looks awesome, so stoked with the design,' read the caption of the photo, which showed the band's drum set decorated with a crude drawing- which some fans immediately linked to Calum's viral video scandal.

'Looks just like Calum's,' commented one fan while another wrote, 'Was Calum your inspiration?' 

Last month a graphic Snapchat video of Calum exposing himself went viral after a female fan posted it online.

Rather than denying the indiscretion, the musician took to Twitter to confirm it, saying: ‘Least ya know what it looks like now,’ before sheepishly adding: ‘I’m still just a teenage kid learning from my mistakes :)’

In the five second clip, the shirtless bass guitarist is careful to keep his head out of shot and slowly peels away his underwear.

Ordinarily in the popular messaging app the image or video then gets automatically deleted, however, unfortunately for Calum, his female acquaintance filmed the whole thing on a separate mobile phone.

The excited fan then uploaded the video to Vine for all to see captioning: ‘CALUMS DICK IM SCREAMING’ where it subsequently went viral.

Having previously posted bottom selfies earlier this year, Calum is no stranger to flashing some flesh on social media. 

When the band returned home to Australia in May, Calum was indeed quizzed about some of his previous bottom selfies during an interview with Channel Seven’s Sunrise

‘I’m proud of that,’ Calum said when quizzed about a recent photo in which he is cooking up a storm for breakfast wearing nothing but a beanie and showing off his bare behind.

It looks like Calum has a shameless habit of stripping down, with his band members adding that they have seen his naked bottom over a thousand times. 

The band who shot to fame in 2012 after One Direction discovered them on Youtube, have supported the British boy band on tour this year.

Calum and Ashton, along with fellow band members Luke Hemmings, 18, and Michael Clifford, 18, played at the iTunes Festival at the Camden Roundhouse in London before returning to the States on Friday. 

5 Seconds of Summer nominated for ‘Best Australian Act’ at the MTV EMAs

Shall we just skip the formalities and give them the award now?

We’re sending multiple massive high five, fist pump, wiggly fingers secret handshakes to the 5 Seconds of Summer boys this morning, as its been announced that they’ve bagged yet another music nomination - this time for the MTV EMAs.

5SOS are up for Best Australian Act at the 2014 Europe Music Awards which is being held in Glasgow on November 9th, but before they get their snazziest kilts on and tuck into a plate of celebratory haggis, they’ve got some stiff competition to beat off. Errr.. ignore those awkward innuendos please.

Cal, Luke, Ashton and Michael are up against some major acts in their category, including Iggy Azalea, Sia and Justice Crew so far. A fifth act will also be added to the list very soon after being chosen by fans, who are campaigning for their faves from either 360, Illy, Jess Mauboy or Sheppard.

If the 5SOS boys manage to come out on top of the Australian Act group, they’ll then go forward to be in with a chance of winning the Worldwide Act EMA. AGH, kind of a big deal.

'Don't use natural light. Only shoot from the left side of my face': Ariana Grande storms out of photo shoot in Sydney over extraordinary list of demands 

  • Ariana Grande stormed out of an Aussie photo shoot after ONE photo
  • 21-year-old pop star arrived in Sydney on Monday to promote new album
  • Grande was unhappy with her appearance in first photo of the day
  • A list of topics were given to media, guiding their line of questioning
  • Journalists could not ask about her love life, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and her recently-cancelled Nickelodeon program, Sam & Cat
  • Singer’s entourage sent waiting photographers home empty-handed
  • In interviews that day Grande discussed the importance of self-esteem

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