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5SOS: 5 Reasons They’re The Hottest Boy Band Of The Summer

5 Seconds of Summer rocked the iHeartRadio stage in front of an intimate crowd of only 200 people!

5SOS: Meet The Not So Typical Boy Band

5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian boy band that consists of Luke Hemmings, 18, Michael Clifford, 18, Calum Hood, 18, and Ashton Irwin, 20.

I know what you’re thinking, if they’re the opening act for One Direction’s world tour, 5 Seconds of Summer must be your average boy band.


Well, yes, they are boys that are in a band, but the four-man band isn’t your typical boy band. In fact, the four-man act all play their own instruments and write their own songs! Impressive

5SOS: Bringing Pop-Punk Back

If you’ve listened to the radio at all recently you’ve probably heard 5 Seconds of Summer’s hit song “She Looks So Perfect.” The song is no doubt one of the biggest jams of the summer.

5 Seconds of Summer have the whole punk and grunge look down to a science. For example, when they took the stage at the iHeartRadio Theater, Michael was sporting greenish-blonde spiky hair. While all the boys were dressed casually in baggy t-shirts or cutoffs and tight jeans. Even their music has punk influences with plenty of edgy guitar riffs, yet it’s still pop enough to be played on the radio.

5SOS: Just Released Their Debut Album July 22

5 Seconds of Summer’s self-titled debut album was released in the U.S. on July 22 and it has one hit after another!

“With ’5 Seconds of Summer,’ the group’s self-titled debut album, 5SOS also declares itself one of pop’s most promising new artists,” says Billboard.

Fans who love “She Looks So Perfect” will love other hits such as “Don’t Stop” and “Good Girls” — all of which they played at their iHeartRadio concert!

5SOS: Boys Announced Their First Headlining World Tour

5 Seconds of Summer recently announced they will be headlining their first world tour, Rock Out With Your Socks Out. They will hit the road May 2015 and dates have already been announced in the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although they haven’t announced anything yet, I’m staying optimistic 5SOS will tour America. After all, they do have a song called “Mrs. All American” — that has to count for something, right?!

5SOS: All Four Band Members All Single

It’s your lucky day, ladies! Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton are reportedly all single. However, we have a feeling they won’t have trouble finding love when they’re ready, considering they have millions of adoring fans lining up to date them!

5 Seconds Of Summer ‘Disappointed’ By Lack Of Harry Styles Nudity On Tour!

Aussie pop rockers also reveal that they have no plans to work with One Direction on a track…

5 Seconds Of Summer suffered a “traumatising” experience on their last tour, when One Direction’s Harry Styles pulled the ultimate prank on the guys, which involved throwing fruit and being naked.

As crazy as that sounds, it luckily didn’t scare 5SOS away, since they’ve been joining them once again as the opening act on their Where We Are stadium tour. 

“No, naked Harry Styles, which is a bit disappointing,” Ashton said during Live From MTV. “It’s a decrease of nudity on the tour this year.”

But that’s not the only thing that’s different this time around. Since their first go-around with 1D, 5SOS have become international superstars, releasing their debut album, earning their first Video Music Award nomination and landing a coveted live VMA performance spot on August 24.

“I think it’s been different in a few ways, we got to go to Europe for the first time and without them (One Direction), we would have never gotten to meet some of the fans, so that was incredible,” Ashton said of the Where We Are Tour. 

“There’s a few more people singing along to our songs, which is nice. That’s just a beautiful thing.”

One thing that probably won’t come out of this tour is a One Direction-5 Seconds Of Summer collaboration, since it’s not something their fans would like to see. 

When asked if the guys would ever team up with the 1D lads, the 5SOSfam in the MTV audience were quick to boo the suggestion.

“We are two completely different bands,” Calum said before Luke added: “We might write with them at some point. If we were going to do a song it’d be with someone that’s cool and up-and-coming.”

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